Serving our Community

Compliments and Complaints

Co.As.It. is committed to encouraging clients to provide both positive and negative feedback on the service provided to ensure that clients receive the best possible service.

This policy applies to all Co.As.It. programs.


Co.As.It. believes that it is imperative to have a formal mechanism for receiving compliments on a service or employee. Compliments will be received in the same way as complaints and will be acknowledged in writing by the Executive Officer.


Co.As.It. recognises that any complaints will enable the organisation to identify and resolve issues of concern to consumers/clients or members of the community. This will help Co.As.It. to:

  • Improve the service provided to clients;
  • Demonstrate the commitment of Co.As.It. to providing a quality service to consumers/clients;
  • Identify areas which need improvement;
  • Plan appropriate projects and services; and
  • Obtain valuable feedback