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Major Sponsor - Bertocchi Smallgoods

Major Sponsor - Bertocchi Smallgoods

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From modest beginnings several decades ago, Bertocchi Smallgoods has developed into one of the nation's most-loved producers of continental delicacies. Bertocchi is the largest continental smallgoods manufacturer in Australia. Bertocchi's range of smallgoods is extensive, with hundreds of different products to its name, including hand-crafted hams, bacon, salami, mortadella, pancetta and prosciutto, and its commitment to tradition and quality has never wavered.

A classic migrant success story

Walk into any Australian supermarket or delicatessen today, and chances are you'll find a host of products proudly bearing the green and red Bertocchi logo.

The company's origins began from one man's dedication, passion and astute business acumen. When Modesto Bertocchi left his native town of Sassalbo in Tuscany and boarded a ship in Genoa in 1948, bound for Australia, he arrived with just one suitcase and a vision to begin a successful life in his newfound home. Little did he know of the profound impact he would eventually have on the Australian food industry, where the name Bertocchi has become synonymous with quality and excellence.

The Bertocchi brand was established in 1972, when Modesto came across a 12 acre stretch of land in Thomastown a suburb in Melbourne's north. The lure of the property and the increasing demand for quality European style delicacies was too good to refuse. Fast-forward more than 40 years on and Bertocchi remains at the same site where it all began - albeit in a much larger capacity. The company now employs up to 600 people during peak seasonal periods and the original site has evolved, expanded and changed to keep up with increasing demand and constant advancements in technology. The Bertocchi site has now stretched to 100 acres incorporating a national network of distribution centres, a fleet of medium and heavy trucks to deliver its range to all corners of Australia - from the biggest cities to the most remote towns.

A corporate board and new generation takes company to next level

Today Bertocchi's growth continues under the strong leadership of a corporate board structure, together with the company directors, to take the brand to the next level. The company has a corporate structure with John and Andrew Bertocchi, as Executive Chairmen, and a CEO to handle the day-to-day management. Their CEO, Peter Paolino, has been with Bertocchi for nine years and the structure in place has allowed it to expand into new platforms.

Artisanal excellence, ceaseless innovation

Through the years, Bertocchi has refined processes and practices in order to continue to provide quality products that are true value for money. As such, the brand's quest to seek out the very best modern equipment is one that remains constant.Emphasis is on hand-craftsmanship through human intervention, involving techniques which are unique to their products.It's an artisanal approach that's allowed Bertocchi Smallgoods to win countless awards from various food industry associations and acquire a reputation for delicious products.

Many of its products have been awarded time and time again - the most recent of which was taking out the title for Best Nationally Available Ham at the Australian PorkMark Ham Awards. The awards were held as part of Australian Ham Week, an initiative of Australian Pork Limited, which aims to support the nation's pork industry. Bertocchi's Triple Smoked Leg Ham was judged as the clear winner, out of a pool of 123 entrants. This comes after Bertocchi was awarded the Best Nationally Available Bacon last June for its Hickory Smoked Pan Size Bacon during the Australian PorkMark Bacon Awards.

These results are a reflection of the effort that is put into creating quality products. In addition, Bertocchi received a total of 24 medals from the Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales at the recent 2014 Sydney Royal Deli Meat Competition, including a Show Champion medal for its 300g free range bacon.

The company is honoured to be recognised as one of Australia's largest 100 per cent privately owned and operated businesses. The manufacturing industry in Australia is experiencing a challenging time at present, with many companies struggling to cope under the continually spiraling costs of doing business, so it is a credit to Bertocchi that the brand has been able to continue to grow against adversity.

The future is strong at Bertocchi

Bertocchi's success is a testament that its core values of craftsmanship, experience, knowledge, tradition, trust, passion, pride, brand strength and quality are working. Bertocchi's ongoing commitment to providing its customers with the finest quality smallgoods is something that is sure to continue for many generations to come. The next chapter in the history of the Company will be even more exciting.