No flights, no problems. A new way to experience Italy without leaving Sydney, The Italian Language Experience.

You may not be able to catch a flight to Rome but there is a way for you to visit Italy without stamping your passport… step into an Italian Language Experience.

Imagine touching down in Italy and relishing in a genuine Italian experience, in Italiano. This concept comes to life with an immersive three hour session, which pairs basic Italian language with an engaging hands-on Italian experience, where you can enjoy the language and culture that inspires the world.

With no previous Italian language skills required, anyone can join in. Each of the Italian Language Experiences are spread across a three hour session:

Part 1: Our native Italian teachers will show you the ropes with some basic Italian on the topic of the experience.

Part 2: We put your Italian into practice as you jump into the Italian experience where you use the language in a fun and interactive way.

Co.As.It. is collaborating with authentic Italian partners to bring a little piece of Italy to Sydney.

*Please note that these experiences are designed for adults but we welcome children aged 16+.

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