Serving our Community

Conditions of Enrolment

Enrolments and fees

We encourage parents to enrol and pay online through our online enrolment service in order to benefit of the discount. Once you have enrolled you will receive an electronic confirmation letter as a receipt from Co.As.It. This will confirm details of the centre and times of classes.

If you are unable to enrol online please complete an enrolment form, attach payment and send both completed form and payment to our office by fax or by post. Once we have received full payment of the fees, a confirmation letter will be sent to the parent/guardian as a receipt from Co.As.It. This will confirm details of the centre and times of classes. Children will not be allowed in the class unless they are enrolled, fees are paid and they are in receipt of a confirmation letter.

Fees are not refundable and transferable. Co.As.It. cannot accept responsibility for changes to students' personal circumstances that prevent attendance.

Existing students are required to re-enrol. Places are not kept from year to year without receipt of enrolment and payment.

Classes may be cancelled due to insufficient numbers. If a class does not commence, payment will be refunded in full.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, classes may be cancelled (parents will be notified).

No enrolments will be accepted after the closing date of March 3rd 2010.

Enrolment fee includes a workbook per child which will be issued at the beginning of Term 2.


The Out of School Hours program fee includes an insurance that covers students in case of an accident. Should you wish to make a claim please contact the Program Coordinator

Class organisation

The number of classes in each centre depends on the number of enrolments received. Children are divided according to their age and level of Italian. In some centres there may be classes composed of mixed levels and abilities and from time to time classes may be combined.In centres with 3 classes or more an allocated Co-ordinator will be appointed.

If for any reason you would like to be transferred to another centre please contact the program coordinator. Co.As.It. cannot guarantee places will be available but will endeavour to accommodate all requests, provided that places are still available.

Classroom safety

Teachers are responsible for ensuring a safe and secure surroundings and environment for both students and themselves. This includes not allowing any individual, including parents, into the classroom if they are not an enrolled student or another teacher of the centre.


Teachers and students are expected to be punctual to class and to be prepared to commence lessons promptly. Children must also be picked up on time at the end of each lesson.Important:Parents or guardians assume full responsibility of their children until they are "handed over" to the supervision of the Italian Teacher.

Where a parent/guardian picks up a student earlier than the finishing time the "Amendments to students' attendance" must be signed.

Students' material

Children must bring textbook, notebook and pencils to class. As Co.As.It. is hosted by the schools we are unable to use resources that belong to the school.


A certificate is issued at the end of each school year to each pupil taking part in the Program.

Teacher-Parent meeting

During the last hour of the second term teachers will meet with each parent to discuss their child's performance. The meeting will be held in the centre classroom. During the meeting parents will be responsible for their child/dren. Each student will complete a self-assessment before the meeting.

Working with Children

As part of their employment, teachers must be willing to sign a Prohibited Employment Declaration form under the Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1998. This form is forwarded to the Department of Education and Training's Employment Screening Unit and is treated with the utmost confidentiality. Appointment of all teachers, regardless of the school system in which they work, is dependent on clearance from the Employment Screening Unit

Nut-free policy

Due to the increase in number of students with allergies to nuts Co.As.It. has adopted a Nut Free Policy in all of our Out of School Hours Centres.

To guarantee the safety of the children of the school parents are asked to provide child/ren with snacks to bring to Italian classes that do not contain any type of nut and to alert Co.As.It. and the teacher if their child/ren is/are allergic.

Co.As.It. Student Gender Equity Policy

Co.As.It., where practical, supports and ensures that services are delivered equitably without discrimination regardless of gender, valuing and celebrating the interests, contributions and aspirations of girls and women, as well as men and boys and challenging the structures, practices and constructions of gender that are damaging to equality of life for women and men. (Gender Equity Education)

Co.As.It. is committed to treating all students fairly and equitably and no student shall be denied a service due to their gender.

Classes are open to all students from 5 years to 18 years of age and Co.As.It. will advertise these classes as open to all students regardless of gender. Both girls and boys will be encouraged to actively participate in all learning areas and achieve equity of outcomes; know that they are recognized and valued in the curriculum's content, teaching and learning strategies, and reporting and assessment methods; recognise that all people are capable of the full range of useful and appropriate human behaviours when not constrained by social expectations based on gender and demonstrate awareness of others' interests and values reflected in the curriculum and accept and appreciate their inclusion. (Gender Equity Education)

Classes are not divided along gender lines but along language proficiency and student numbers.

Teachers are not appointed along gender lines but in line with the Co.As.It. Employment Procedures.

Co.As.It. student discipline policy

Discipline is a continuous process of learning and development of skills and behaviour. Co.As.It. is committed to fostering the development of responsible and caring individuals who are able to understand and accept the consequences of their behaviour and make their choices accordingly.

Co.As.It. does not tolerate bullying or harassment of any kind.

Co.As.It.'s approach to discipline is based on the values of self respect, respect for others and justice.

Co.As.It.'s discipline procedures aim to help children:

  • become aware of the rights of individuals, others as well as their own;
  • find alternatives for conflict resolution and anger management;
  • be consistent and fair;
  • understand clear, fair and reasonable rules;
  • own their behaviour and learn to accept the consequences which result from their actions;
  • learn to cooperate with others.

Co.As.It. safeguards the health, safety and wellbeing of each student which are of paramount importance. The staffs of the OSH program is committed to creating and maintaining an environment that is inclusive, caring, safe, affirming and free from any form of intolerance, racism and bullying.

The emphasis of any behaviour modification strategy is always on reinforcing positive self esteem and positive behaviour patterns. Where unacceptable behaviour does occur, it is dealt with on a case by case basis. Teachers at Co.As.It. approach each situation having at the foremost an interest in each student's safety and wellbeing.

Consistency, reasonableness and fairness are key factors when dealing with any matter related to behaviour and discipline.

For those students who continue to refuse to cooperate with their teacher in terms of either behaviour and/or commitment to the program, the following procedure is followed:

Three warnings by the class teacher referring to inappropriate behaviour such as:

·consistently disrupting class

·being physically or verbally violent to other students or to the teacher

·consistently failing to follow the teacher's directions/requests

·habitual lateness

If inappropriate behaviour continues, the teacher will notify the student's parent/guardian verbally regarding the student's behaviour and notify Co.As.It. in writing of the action taken. The above notification has to be communicated in conjunction with the centre coordinator or another teacher centre if applicable.

If behaviour continues to be unsatisfactory, Co.As.It., in collaboration with the class teacher, will write a letter to the parent/guardian outlining the issue. The letter will be followed by a phone call to the parent/guardian by Co.As.It.

If behaviour does not improve, an interview will be arranged between Co.As.It., the teacher, the student in question and his/her parent/guardian to further discuss the issue and come to a satisfactory resolution.

Formal Complaints policy:

Minor complaints can usually be resolved at the first point of contact where all parties are in agreement and satisfied with the outcome. Usually minor complaints will not require further action. When discussing matters of concern parents are encouraged to initially speak directly with their child's teacher. However, should you feel that you must raise a concern formally please read the Co.As.It. complaint and compliments policy available on our website.