Do you have questions about Aged Care services?

The Co.As.It. Aged Care Information Hub is here to assist you to find the Aged Care Services you need in Sydney. We will arrange referrals, fill in forms and talk to My Aged Care on your behalf. Contact us so that we can make this journey easy for you.

What is an Aged Care Information Hub?

These hubs are designed to provide locally targeted information in a person’s own community. Aged care expert staff will be available to support, educate and assist people by informing and linking them with suitable aged care services. They aim to help local people build their own knowledge by guiding them through the steps from information to assessment to receiving care.

Some of the activities being offered in the Information Hub include:

  • Community information sessions
  • Assistance with filling in forms
  • Contacting My Aged Care
  • Providing factsheets, handouts and other resources
  • Outreach services to support those who can’t come into the centre
  • Group support sessions
  • Individual support sessions

There are 32 Information Hubs being trialled in different locations around Australia during the Pilot.

The Aged Care Navigators Trial is delivered as part of a consortium led by COTA Australia and funded by the Australian Government. Click Here for more information.