An environment for success

The Italian Bilingual School offers a range of programs including music, dance, sport and instrumental tuition. Students also have access to their own radio station and film studio within the Mamma Lena and Dino Gustin Innovation Centre, a space where they can use their language skills while developing technical expertise. A popular Out of School Hour Care (OOSH) Program is also provided in English and Italian.

Our Bilingual Curriculum
Our curriculum is designed to develop cultural awareness and literacy in two languages for children from Preps to Year 6. A bilingual education strengthens the intellectual, analytical and reflective capabilities of students. They gain an appreciation of language, an understanding of cultural diversity including social, historical and geographical knowledge of both Australia and Italy. The program is based on teachers working collaboratively, teaching the curriculum in Italian and in English.

Benefits of Bilingualism
Learning to understand, speak, read, write and think in two or more languages opens up a whole world of possibilities for children and adults alike. Being able to see beyond the boundaries of one language or culture is both empowering and liberating. It allows students to explore, understand and appreciate the wealth that is to be found in both languages.