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Event Sponsor - Systemnet

Event Sponsor - Systemnet

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Established in 1996, Systemnet delivers responsive, professional and relationship-based IT services to some of Australia's most well-known small to medium sized businesses. Our boutique style of operation ensures that we have an in-depth understanding of all client IT environments and we work closely with clients to develop and maintain robust and sustainable IT infrastructures.
Systemnet has a cohesive and enthusiastic team of system engineers and support staff which has expanded consistently over the years in line with a growing client base. Our specialist knowledge and expertise covers a wide range of technologies and products, both mainstream and industry-specific. With our consistent development and enhancement within the dynamic IT sector, Systemnet has established a solid reputation in the provision, maintenance and support of IT infrastructure services and solutions.

Our Philosophy

We strive to maintain very close working relationships with all clients and operate as a strategic IT partner. All recommendations have the client's best interests in mind and we approach each situation seeking a best-fit solution rather than promoting a particular brand or type of hardware or software.