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CELI - Certification of Italian Language

CELI - Certification of Italian Language

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What is CELI?

The CELI exam is one of the most widely recognised certificates for learners of Italian. It is issued by the University for Foreigners of Perugia (Università per Stranieri Perugia) and is recognised by the Italian Department of Education and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Why take the CELI exam?

The CELI examination is recognised by employers, universities and government organisations throughout the world.

Passing a CELI exam can help you gain entrance to a university or college, improve your job prospects and measure your progress in Italian.

CELI qualifications are recognised at different levels by ministry and government organisations for many purposes, such as the recruitment of government officials and for training teachers in the state school sector.

The CELI 3 exam is an entrance requirement for all non-Italian students who would like to enrol in an Italian University.

CELI for Adolescents

Which level should I enrol in?
There are three CELI a (CELI for Adolescents...

CELI for Adults

Which level should I enrol in?
There are five CELI exam levels which can be taken by...