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About OSH

About OSH

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The Co.As.It. OSH program provides each student with 36 weeks of quality Italian lessons, a workbook, free access to an online platform with interactive activities and all insurances for only $499 for the full year. This works out to be just under $7 per hour!

Students are exposed to a fun and educational experience that allows them to explore the wonders of all things Italian. They get to:

  • learn the Italian language
  • make new friends in an after school activity
  • receive free supplementary educational aids
  • participate in competitions
  • free access to online learning and interactive activities
  • perform in end-of-school year Italian performances
  • have the chance to win a Minister's Award for Excellence

Co.As.It. teachers are friendly, dedicated, experienced and approved to teach by the Department of Education - Community Languages Program. Our teachers follow the Out-of-School Hours teaching program developed by Co.As.It in conjunction with the K-12 Italian Syllabus of the NSW Board of Studies.

In addition to learning a second language, there are many benefits our program offers your children:

  • prepares them to communicate with people from other cultures
  • deepens their understanding of global diversity
  • generates a sense of personal achievement, satisfaction and confidence
  • encourages them to think in a different way, which increases their intellectual capacity
  • gives them knowledge and experience associated with the rich history and culture of both Italy and Europe
  • advantages them in the workforce where the skills become useful in many sectors and professions including hospitality, tourism, customer service and finance
  • courses are available at all levels and are suitable for absolute beginners to advanced learners


Classes are open to children currently enrolled in a day school from the ages of 5 to 17. Lessons are of 2 hours duration per week and classes may have a minimum of 15 to a maximum of 25 students. The program runs as per school year, from the beginning of February to December.

Classes are organised according to the following levels:

  • Primary Classes: Kindergarten to Year 6
  • Secondary Classes: Year 7 to Year 12*
  • Advanced: Italian Club Kindergarten to Year 6

What is the Italian Club?

Is your child already a fluent Italian speaker?

The Italian Club will provide your children with the opportunity to attend lessons conducted solely in Italian by fully qualified teachers who are native Italian speakers. The aim of the course is to not only maintain a high level of Italian but also to encourage students to develop their language skills further.

The Italian Club is open to children from Kindergarten to Year 6 and held at Kegworth Public School on Wednesdays from 3.40pm-5.40pm.