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Why Study Italian?

Why study Italian? Italian classes. Italian courses. Learn Italian.

Learning a second language has many benefits. Not only is there a sense of enjoyment, a sense of greater cultural awareness but there are other reasons: language learning engages mental processes that benefit the learner. This is especially so for young learners whose learning processes are developing whilst still at school. The NSW K to 10 syllabus states that:

" through the study of Italian, students gain knowledge, skills and understanding that will equip them to participate in the global community..."

NSW K-10 Syllabus, p.21.

But not only do young learners benefit: so do adults. In fact the study of Italian:

  • is interesting challenging and develops a greater awareness of English and literacy skills. Such skills impact on a wide range of competencies used in day to day living
  • fosters intellectual development and contributes to the learner's global education process
  • provides a sense of personal achievement, satisfaction and confidence
  • promotes an awareness within the individual of the value of culture
  • develops and encourages valuable interpersonal communication skills
  • facilitates the acquisition of a third and subsequent language

Co.As.It. is a provider of Italian language services to students, teachers and businesses throughout the State of NSW. In fact, over 20,000 students as young as 2 years of age learn Italian through Co.As.It. Courses range from primary school classes to general interest courses for adults as well as tailor-made courses for private individuals and for the corporate sector.

Co.As.It. Education teaching programs:

  • offer learners aged 2 - 7 the opportunity to learn Italian through Storytime in the Italian Multimedia Resource Centre
  • directly support Italian programs in about 80 schools throughout NSW via the Insertion Program;
  • offer Out of School Hours Italian classes in 30 centres throughout the state for students aged 5 to 16 years of age
  • offer adult classes from beginners to advanced in the heart of 'Little Italy' - Leichhardt

Co.As.It. Education projects:

  • support students, teachers and the community through the vast collection of Italian resource in the Italian Multimedia Resource Centre at Leichhardt
  • provide professional development opportunities for teachers of Italian through a program of in-services and workshops developed with outstanding local trainers as well as teacher trainers from some of Italy's best Italian Language University programs.

For information about learning Italian at Co.As.It. please contact us on 02- 95640744 and we will be happy to help you with any queries.