Co.As.It. is pleased to present our webinar on ‘How to Cope with Life in Lockdown and Improve Your Well-Being.’

Please join us for this FREE 1-hour Zoom webinar from our Co.As.It. psychologists, who will discuss strategies for coping with the fear of uncertainty, low motivation and challenges of life in lockdown. Our psychologists will explain how techniques from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy can help us get through this difficult time.

You will learn:

  • How to cope with uncertainty and ongoing challenges of lockdown
  • Mindfulness and acceptance strategies
  • Ways to improve your motivation when you are feeling overwhelmed

Topic: How to Cope with Life in Lockdown and Improve Your Well-Being.
Date: Tuesday 7 September
Time: 5:15 PM
Duration: 1 hour
Mode: Online via Zoom
Language: English

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