Co.As.It. has collaborated with the Cancer Institute NSW to engage with the Italian community in raising awareness of the importance of Bowel Cancer Screening and discovering the barriers which prevent the community from participating in Bowel Cancer Screening initiatives.

Co.As.It. facilitated consultations with the Italian community to assist the Cancer Institute NSW to improve the uptake of Bowel Cancer Screening. The aim of the consultations was to understand the barriers that exist for our community in accessing the screening tools and utilising the kits as a preventative measure to reduce the incidence of bowel cancer.

One of the main findings through this project is that most participants reported that they have a low understanding of bowel health, and hence no understanding of bowel cancer growth. Most people did not know that the growth of bowel cancer is very slow, and most times without symptoms. Furthermore, it was identified there is a lack of information regarding bowel screening and what it entails. Participants of the focus groups did not associate the screening process as a direct relationship to bowel health, and potential early diagnosis of bowel disease.

Co.As.It. advocates for training of general practitioners in promoting the free bowel screening kits, and to commence a CALD inclusive media campaign introducing the Bowel Screening kits.