Day in the life of a Co.As.It. Community Care Worker

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At Co.As.It., our community care workers are fundamental to providing in-home, aged-care services to our older community. But, have you ever wondered what being a Co.As.It. community care worker involves? Keep reading to find out a typical day in the life of a Co.As.It. community care worker.

A Co.As.It. care worker usually begins their day by driving to the home of one of our older community members, who receive home package services. Our care workers play a vital role in helping our community members get ready for the day. This might involve preparing breakfast, assisting them with personal care and transporting them to appointments. Our older clients and their families trust and rely on our community care workers to assist with these important morning routines, ensuring that they start the day in a safe and healthy way.

The day of a Co.As.It. care worker then progresses to caring for the different needs of the clients in our community. For example, they might accompany clients to their social support groups or outings, take them shopping in the local area, do some light cleaning of their homes or simply spend time chatting or playing cards together.

An important element in the role of a community care worker is providing social support and company to clients, who may live alone or have limited social contact during the week. While caring for the physical needs of our older community is important, Co.As.It. also recognises the importance of caring for the emotional needs of our clients. Hence, a Co.As.It. community care worker will spend a lot of their day listening to the amazing stories of our older clients, making them feel heard and providing this valuable social support.

Being a Co.As.It. community care worker is not without its challenges too. Often, our older clients have complex health needs, which require good knowledge and support. For this reason, Co.As.It. community care workers will attend training days, to keep up with the latest skills in health and aged-care.

Every day is different for our Co.As.It. community care workers, with unique rewards and challenges. Fundamentally, our care workers look after the physical and emotional needs of our older clients, ensuring that they can live independently at home in a safe and healthy way.

Now that you know what a typical day in the life of a Co.As.It. Community Care Worker involves, you may want to apply for the role or know someone who does. You can apply via our website [CLICK HERE] or call our head office on (02) 9564 0744.