How To Reset Your Mental Health

By July 27, 2023 No Comments

Looking after our mental health is an important part of life. But as the year progresses, and the busyness of life takes over, our mental health needs can sometimes be forgotten. At Co.As.It., we are committed to lifelong learning and support, ensuring that the health and well-being of our community is taken care of. We know that feeling stressed, tired and overwhelmed can significantly impact our ability to think clearly, go about our jobs, relationships and lives. Hence, it’s important to hit pause every now and then and check-in on how we are feeling and our mental health needs. Keep reading to find out some simple and effective tips for resetting your mental health!

1. Take a break

One of the key ways to reset your mental health is to take a break. A break doesn’t have to mean booking a major holiday (although that can be exciting!) but it can simply be a mental rest from work, chores and daily life. Taking a break could look like sleeping in, going to the beach, walking in the park, taking a day-trip, enjoying a coffee at your local cafe or catching up with a friend. Taking a break also means getting good quality sleep, which starts with a relaxing night-time routine. This means finishing work and chores earlier and making sure there is adequate time to wind-down at the end of every night – reading, listening to music or watching some tv. If you want a mental health reset, then prioritising and scheduling in regular breaks is key.

2. Learn a new skill

There is plenty of research around the benefits of learning a new skill for mental health reasons, including better brain health, improved memory and a happier mood. Learning a new skill is an exciting challenge that can help with a mental health reset by introducing something fun and novel into daily life. Learning a new skill doesn’t have to be a major life change or an extreme activity either. Some simple ideas like attempting a new recipe, trying a different gym class, doing something creative or learning a language can all spark interest and lead to a sense of satisfaction around trying and mastering something new. If you are interested in brushing up on your Italian skills, or learning the Italian language as a beginner, you could even enrol in one of our fantastic language classes. It’s a great way to reset your mental health and make some new friends along the way!

3. Get some support

Finally, getting some external support is an important way to reset your mental health. If you or your loved one are feeling overwhelmed with keeping up with home and personal care, or struggling to socialise and get around easily, it might be time to look into aged care services, which can provide practical support in these areas. At Co.As.It., we offer a range of community services, including social support groups, home care packages and our community volunteer scheme. Talking to a health professional can also assist with relieving stress and resetting to a more positive mindset. At Co.As.It., we are proud to offer bilingual, free and accessible mental health services, including general counselling and drug & alcohol support, provided by our lovely mental health team. Our trained counsellors can help with guidance around how to both reset and improve your mental health.

So, if you are looking for that mid-year mental health reset, we hope these ideas might be a helpful place to start! If you would like more information around Co.As.It.’s mental health and support services, then feel free to call us on 9564 0744 or email