New Multilingual Covid-19 Vaccination Glossary

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New Multilingual Covid-19 Vaccination Glossary In 31 Languages Launched To Help Multicultural Communities

NSW Health launched a new multilingual resource on immunisation and vaccination in 31 languages to assist community leaders and organisations.

The COVID-19 Glossary of Immunisation and Vaccine Development provides plain language meanings to complex medical terminology about immunisation and vaccination development.

The glossary aims to help community organisations, bilingual workers and community leaders better understand and communicate about COVID-19 vaccination to the people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

The development of the glossary was led by the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service (MHCS) in partnership with a broad range of experts.

Associate Professor Holly Seale, School of Population Health, UNSW emphasised that communication efforts that involve peers, community and faith-based leaders, and leaders of community organisations are an important way of providing health messages and cultivating community support.

“There is a need to help improve understanding and confidence in using the terms associated with the vaccine development and roll out,” she said.

Tish Bruce, Executive Director of Health and Social Policy at NSW Health, also acknowledged that the terminology used around COVID-19 vaccination is often complicated, and it can be challenging to communicate accurate information to others.

“For many in our community, having clear, straightforward and empathetic conversations about vaccination with people they trust is crucial in encouraging people to get vaccinated,” she said.

At the launch event, Lisa Woodland, Director, MHCS, stressed the importance of providing accurate vaccination information to culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

“The key to the success of the vaccination roll out is for trusted sources to communicate accurate information, to counter misinformation and promote the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination for individuals, families and communities,” she said.

“The glossary has been reviewed by community organisations and health professionals to ensure the terms are easily understood by the community.”

Thomas Camporeale, General Manager, Co.As.It strongly supports this new resource.

“This Glossary is a useful tool in assisting us to have important conversations with our community and help them to make an informed decision about getting a COVID19 vaccine,” he said.

The Glossary is available in 31 languages other than English and is free to download from the MHCS website.

COVID-19 Glossary in Italian: Click Here