Tips for improving your self-esteem

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Self-esteem is defined as an individual’s sense of self-worth and overall value. Having a healthy level of self-esteem means you are a confident person, proud of your strengths and achievements with a good sense of self-respect.

At Co.As.It., we believe in strengthening self-esteem through encouraging our community towards lifelong learning and support. Our Youth & Family Program and our Mental Health Program support individuals who may be struggling with their self-esteem. We provide free workshops and counselling to discuss important issues like self-esteem, and how self-esteem can be impacted by stressful life events, difficulties in relationships or disappointing experiences.

Mental health issues, like anxiety and depression, can also impact self-esteem. When we are worrying about life, struggling with self-doubt, or feeling down about ourselves, our self-esteem can decline.

Fortunately, like any skill, self-esteem can also be improved and strengthened! Here are three tips from the Co.As.It. mental health team on how you can work at improving your self-esteem.

Tip 1: Do Something For You

To improve your self-esteem, you can do something that increases your own sense of value and self-worth. For example, you can make a delicious or healthy meal, treat yourself, take some time off or start a fitness program. You can also increase your confidence by developing a new skill or hobby (check out our Italian language classes for a good place to start!) If you are struggling with your mental or physical health, you might prioritize booking an appointment with your GP or a psychologist. By doing something that focuses on your self-care, you can begin to build up your self-esteem.

Tip 2: Do Something For Someone Else

While practicing self-care is important, there is also an enormous sense of fulfilment and satisfaction when we know that we are contributing to something or someone else. Leading up to the ‘giving season’ there are many opportunities to do something for someone else, including providing charity donations, signing up to volunteer programs (check out our CVS program here), or checking-in on those who might be struggling or feeling lonely. By helping someone, you are doing something meaningful or valuable with your time, which also positively impacts your self-esteem.

Tip 3: Practice Gratitude

When we are feeling low in our self-esteem we can become critical of ourselves or feel down about our lives. It is important to remind ourselves of all the things we have to be grateful for, and the many wonderful things we have achieved. By using positive self-talk, which is talking to ourselves in an encouraging and compassionate way, we will feel better about ourselves and more thankful for what we have. Gratitude also gives us perspective about our situation. For example, even though we may have faced a disappointment, we can see the bigger picture of all the good things we still have, which strengthens our self-esteem and confidence for the future.

We hope that these tips help with developing your sense of self-esteem. If you would like to learn more, then sign up to our Co.As.It. e-newsletter to keep updated about upcoming workshops and events on improving your self-esteem. You can also talk to our friendly Co.As.It. mental health team on 9564 0744 or contact us at https://www.coasit.org.au/contact-us/.