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Community Services

Community Services

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The Community Services division provides a range of services to the community. The team is comprised of bilingual social workers, psychologists, welfare workers, service coordinators, community care workers and volunteers.

The Aged Care Team provides one-on-one support and assistance to the older Italian community by way of advocacy and case work as well as working at a policy and community development level to address the needs of the community with Government Departments and mainstream organisations. The Community Visitors Scheme has the objective of enhancing the life of residents in aged care facilities by matching them with a community visitor (volunteer) who visits the resident on a regular basis.

The Mental Health Team and Drug & Alcohol Program provides direct counselling and support for individuals living with a mental illness or drug and alcohol abuse. The Youth & Family Program provides counselling to younger Italo-Australians and their families. This program focusses on community development initiatives which serve to promote and maintain the Italian culture amongst second and subsequent generations.

The team also provides direct services by way of a frail aged and dementia specific day-care respite program which brings together frail and often isolated members of the community for a social gathering. As well as this, Co.As.It. also provides direct assistance in people's homes via its Community Aged Care Packages (CACP) Program which assists frail older people with personal care, transport, meal preparation, cleaning, etc.

These programs aim to provide a continuum of care that can assist members of the Italian community with a range of different issues via the various programs and services offered.

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