Serving our Community

Privacy and Confidentiality

Co.As.It. is committed to its responsibility of protecting the personal information and maintaining confidentiality of all the consumers, employees, volunteers and other individuals associated with the company. Protection of privacy and the need for confidentiality is fundamental in providing a high quality service.

For the purpose of this policy and procedure, 'employee' includes volunteers of Co.As.It.

Confidentiality is the restriction of access to personal information to authorised persons, entities and processes at authorised times and in an authorised manner. Confidentiality protects personal information from unauthorised use or disclosure by placing a responsibility on the individual who obtains this information to keep it private. Co.As.It. understands their duties in protecting the privacy of consumer, employee and volunteer information as a 'duty of confidentiality' towards them. Co.As.It. employees also work under professional codes of conduct and ethical guidelines that require them to adhere to their 'duty of confidentiality'. Any breach of confidentiality by employees will be treated as a disciplinary matter.

Privacy refers to a person's right to keep certain information private. Co.As.It. employees will respect an individual's right to privacy, by following practices that ensure the information remains confidential.