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Service Directory for the Aged Italian Australian-Community

The purpose of this directory is to inform the older Italian-Australian Community and their families of the Aged Care services available to them in the Sydney Metropolitan Area.

Elenco servizi per anziani Italo-Australiani

A Profile of Italian Australian Culture

This profile of the Italian Australian culture has been developed as a resource tool to assist staff in the aged care services sector to provide for the cultural and linguistic needs of their Italian speaking clients.

This booklet contains information on key topic areas such as the migration experience, language and communication style, attitudes to aged care services, family dynamics, religion, food preferences, attitudes to death and dying, health and sickness and social customs.

Aged Care Services Northern Sydney

An investigation of the use of Aged Care Services by the Aged Italian Community in Northern Sydney

Aged Care Services South West Sydney

An investigation on the use of aged care services by the older Italian community in West South West Sydney

Needs Analysis of Service Provision for the Italian Aged in the South Eastern Sydney Region

This document is a preliminary document for other non-English speaking communities in the South Eastern area of Sydney and in other areas of Metropolitan Sydney. It identifies regional features and issues that affect the delivery of community services which need to be taken into account when planning for future services and policies.

The Changing Needs of Co.As.It. Senior Social Groups - Research Report

This report represents the first major appraisal of Italian social support groups in Sydney. The purpose of the report was to identify: the types of needs across the groups, the nature and level of existing support, service gaps, the current support through Co.As.It. and potential structures and the capacity of staff to fulfill the needs of the groups. The report was completed at the end of 2002 and was officially launched on the 14th of August 2003. The report provides Co.As.It. with a 3-5 year working plan for the aged care team.